What You Should Know About Texas

While it has a thriving cowboy culture, the fact of the matter is that there is more to Texas than cowboys. Texas is a large state that sits directly at the border between the United States. As such, the importance of the state to the country’s politics and security cannot be overestimated.

But if you are like most people, you probably do not know anything about Texas outside of cowboys. Well, you do not need to worry because, in this article, you will find some pretty neat facts about the state. Texas has a large area and a large population. The latest statistics indicate that its population is 27 million people. The land is dotted with deserts and pine forests.

Of course, tourists do not go there to get baked in the desert or get lost in the forest. They go there because the state has important places of interest, not the least of which is the Museum of Fine Arts. You can go there, specifically to Houston, and find the best pieces by artists from the Impressionist and Renaissance movement. In Houston you will find the NASA Space Center, which is home to interactive displays that students and space enthusiasts will love.

Other than Houston, there is another place in Texas that you will definitely want to visit: the capital Austin. In Austin there is a vibrant music scene that gives birth to concerts and other events on a regular basis. But music aside, the capital city is also known for housing the LBJ Presidential Library.

Do you want to move to Texas and settle there? You are certainly most welcome to do, however, there are some facts that you should know, including the fact that the minimum hourly wage currently sits at $7.25. Of course, if you are a skilled worker, you can definitely earn more, but if you do not have any special skills, that’s the salary you can expect to get at least in the beginning.

How about the cost of living? You would be glad to know that it is much cheaper than the states that have a coastal area. However, because there are no state income taxes, you pay much higher property taxes when compared to the other states.

The actual money you spend living in Texas really depends on the lifestyle you want to live. If you live in a trailer home, you can survive on $5,000 per year.